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Vika Yermolyeva (aka vkgoeswild),
Award-winning classical pianist, who decided to try something else.

"when she touches the piano, it comes to life" - Barry Harris,

"Just like a great actor takes a play to the next level, so a great musician can find greater depths in a song. She hears every gesture, every clever harmonic turn, every moment of drama and focuses on it, re-contextualizing it in such a way that it seems new again.

Like the fantastic classical musician she is, her covers make an excellent argument for the increasingly archaic role of the performer as just an interpreter of music, separate from the composer.

I cant stop smiling when I listen to Vikas covers. They are perhaps the most awesome way yet to show someone that you truly GET metal." - Alee Karim, "Invisible Oranges",

"Can a lady at the piano sound just as badass as Messrs Blackmore, Gillan, Glover, Lord and Paice did back in 1972? Judge for yourself." - Nick Soveiko, The Highway Star (The Original Deep Purple Web Pages) blog. ,

"your version is the only cover version I have heard that I feel stands out in its own, you have captured not only the song, but the feeling and spirit within - truly incredible." - Graham Bailey from "The Sound"

To request a cover, or sheet music, go to this page. To get sheet music in PDF format please check out the list of sheet music available for donation.

You can support me, by sending a donation to vikatine@yahoo.com. Your donations help me to keep going, get equipment and make the quality of my work as high, as possible, thank you very much!

If you press the "donate" button, and you are directed to a foreign paypal website, please check here to see the english version! It still works.

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thanks,Vika. my very big thanks.
Posted by paulus sigit (2014-04-15 12:16:25)

First, I saw your toxicity cover, now Im addiiiicted!! Your so amazing, your power, your passion!!! I cant find the right words to explain how amazing you are! Never stop!!!!!!
Posted by Johanna (2014-04-15 08:11:35)

Ich liebe deine Musik.
Posted by micha (2014-04-15 03:51:01)

Fantastic attitude of playing the instrument! Terrific!
Posted by Aldee (2014-04-14 19:36:25)

I hope to have time to watch all of your videos. You are .... .... .... and another dots ... more than words can say. Thank you for this evening, listening and watching you playing. All the best. Tudur (Romania).
Posted by Tudor Ciobanu (2014-04-11 16:13:05)

First, I love piano. Unfortunately, my talent was writing and not playing the piano. When I came across Vika's channel on youtube I became fixated - my wife probably thought I was in a trance. Frankly I've never enjoyed skiing, or golf, or a great wine, more than this music - what an awesome surprise. Vika has reminded me of two things: (1) Piano is the most beautiful percussion instrument in the world, and (2) the most delicate notes escorted gently through a dominant bass melody has the most amazing effect. Its like watching the sun come up after spending a year in a cave. Thanks for sharing your talent and inspiring me to write as beautifully as you play the piano. I love that you do what you like to do and so proficiently. You are accessible by classical piano lovers and rockers alike. Continue to amaze the world. Again, thank you!
Posted by Greg Stewart (Indy) (2014-04-10 23:08:34)

You have a gift and let me tell you pride to all professional concert, Classics, Masters Apprentices, students and people who practice the piano solo or sing as a hobby. Follow Vika before, I love your playing you catch the true essence of a true musician. Fashion as humming your movement and passion put into each key. See you soon, Keep it big (symbol Greatness is not high if not an attitude), Michael Pinargote Greetings from Ecuador.
Posted by Michael Pinargote (2014-04-02 11:33:35)

playing is the unique thing that makes you free, live forever Vika, you are a gift
Posted by Deniz (2014-03-24 09:06:44)

Hi Vika, I really appreciate how you play and your musical register. You are a very good feeling/vibes in my opinion. Keep the same way!!! Kind regards from France
Posted by Guillaume (2014-03-07 09:05:54)

Very very nice playing. Great dynamics ! go on !!
Posted by Felipe (2014-03-07 01:49:13)

I would like to hear journey mother father.woo you rock.
Posted by David (2014-03-06 19:02:15)

You are part of my inspiration! Especially your kind little improvisations
Posted by akay (2014-03-03 02:30:44)

I wanna see you play live! Visit Philippines
Posted by Chino (2014-03-02 12:30:49)

Very cool. My 11 year old boy is studying piano and has worked on songs by Muse and My Chemical Romance and is currently figuring out "The Dead Can't Testify" by Billy Talent with his instructor. This is inspirational because he is a budding metal head.
Posted by ScottK - New Jersey USA (2014-03-02 09:57:05)

Hi vika!! I'm from Indonesia, You're so amazing!!! \m/ I love all of your videos \m/ KeepRockkk!!
Posted by Egintz (2014-02-26 06:31:25)

Just love it,would love to see you live,are you ever coming to Canada?
Posted by Donovan (2014-02-24 18:56:19)

You're my inspiration to continue learning piano. Thanks a million.
Posted by Emma (2014-02-23 12:04:09)

I don't know how I stumbled across you but it happened and I was blown away! Just absolutely beautiful renditions of metal classics. It is nice to know you can see past the harsh exteriors of metal and see the beauty that lies within its core. Hopefully one day I can see you live. . :)
Posted by Wayne (2014-02-22 18:46:53)

Just watched your cover of We're In This Together Now by NIN. Didn't think it could be done on piano. You nailed it. My eyes couldn't even keep up with what your fingers were doing.
Posted by Nick (2014-02-22 14:35:57)

If people in the US knew about you, you would never have to worry about money again. That's how good you are.
Posted by Nick (2014-02-22 13:55:57)

Oh, you already did that cover. I feel silly now. I'm just discovering you today. It was perfect. You don't need to sing. You can actually do it with your fingers. (Nutshell, Alice in Chains)
Posted by Nick (2014-02-22 13:51:38)

I would give you all my money to teach me (it's not much). Can you sing at the same time? You should try a cover of Nutshell by Alice In Chains. I have so many songs I want to hear you cover.
Posted by Nick (2014-02-22 13:32:15)

The way You carry emotions is fantastic. You are fully feeling what You play and this is honey for my ears, as we say in Poland.
Posted by Dominik (2014-02-21 19:06:42)

Your very good and i can feel the emotion that you put into playing. I love it! As a musician myself you have a very rare talent to be seen within the musical community. All my respect goes out to you. You have some amazing hands!
Posted by Kenny (2014-02-21 16:53:47)

Hello, my name is José Molinas. I am from South America and wanted to congratulate you for the great work you do with the piano! IT'S A WONDER! which inspired me to take piano classes! I hope someday play like you do!
Posted by José Molinas (2014-02-21 15:18:35)

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